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Aug 12, 2007
have left message after message for Anne's mental health social worker and no response. two months now.

what am i to do?

can't cope.

feel like taking both of our lives to end this misery.

have tried to talk to our local AS and all she seems interested is her pet projects i.e. singing for the brain - commendable but for a woman of 52 (and a rock chick)_- old war songs do not cut the mustard.

have also left messages as to how i might raise money for the cause and have had zero response


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Zebb37,
No wonder you feel abandoned, I to would be if I was in that position.

Can you go back to your G.P. with a list and let the G.P. chase them up ?

When we are always trying to raise money for the Society that would in my personel opinion require a letter to the Fund Raiser at Head Office.

My thoughts are with you both at this very stressful time for you both.

Best wishes


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Jun 29, 2007
North Wales
Dear Zebb,

The advice you have been given here is so right,

I know exactly where you are coming from with such deplorable treatment from the SW.

Hopefully, you have a good GP. Express yourself as strongly to him/her as you have in your post here.

Very best wishes,