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A word of warning . . .


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Nov 13, 2014
A friend's mum died approx. 2 years ago leaving her and her brother (no will, Scots law), the brother lives in England. So it was decided that her house would be let. The brother OFFERED to upgrade the house, decorating, etc and him and his wife came up for 4 weeks, slept on an airbed and done the house. They ate at my friends (3 meals a day). The tenants then decided to move out and the house was sold. New owners have moved in and the estate is now due to be halved. The word of warning is this, my friend has now received an ITEMISED BILL from her brother to the sum of £6000 for work executed in THEIR MUM'S HOUSE!!! He has charged for dust sheets, screws, safety shoes, bedding, everything. He wore slippers the whole time and my friend supplied the wallpaper, curtains, etc as well as feeding them! Happy families, lol, x


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Oct 16, 2013
Strikes me your friend should also provide an itemised invoice, and challenge the obviously fraudulent items claimed for. Maybe a visit to a solicitor as well.