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A week of decisions


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Feb 17, 2012
So I've been very brave this week getting my affairs in order.
I'm off from work this week and, after receiving my POA last week, have spent my time getting it registered with dad's banks and utilities companies. I also went to the doctor this morning for my 'stress-related' excema, which I have been trying to cope with, without medication, for two years. Finally realised that while everything else is going on I'm going to have to put up with taking the hated steroid cream. Anyway, the doctor asked if I had thought about respite for dad. Of course I've thought about it, but as I've said on here before, getting information from my local social services office seems to be impossible.So I decided to be brave and write them a letter. Okay, so I could have rung but I'm a much better letter writer. I explained to them in the letter that I never heard back from handing in my carer's assessment, nor have I ever heard back from the social worker, who promised he would look into respite for me, however many months ago. My problem is I prefer to just put my head down and get on with things, rather than make a complaint, but I've decided it's time to stand up for myself. The letter is a little 'pointed' I'm much better at being forceful in writing than in person- I just hope I get a response from them now.
It's not been much of a holiday though.


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Aug 29, 2008
I can relate to you saying it is easier to write than to speak. I prefer e mails or letters to phone calls or visits.

I am in the doldrums too at the moment, about getting more help and it is so easy to sit back and do nothing.

I am supposed to be looking up crossroads today to see if they can offer me any assistance. I know I should do it, but keep putting it off.

Hope you get the strength to keep it up now you have started.



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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
I, too, am in favour of writing. I, too, put off my health problems.I am also wonderful at advising others to look after themselves. Funny how many there are of us on TP who put our own problems onto the back burner.:rolleyes::rolleyes: