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A wake all night .out with friend for few hours. world war 3 at home


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Apr 4, 2016
Ho woke up at 2 last night wouldn't go back to sleep.i went out to see a friend seen her last time on june 14.
Cares came to see husband he refused to let them change or touch him he had a go at my sister he normally likes telling her to get out of room .he then had a go at daughter and her partner.this went on for a few hours. ringing me .he was threatening to hit them .i know he cart unless there close to him as he bed ridden .they rang doctor how rang me at 5.45 to say there going to sent to cemist for some pills .witch chemist closed no pills till tomorrow.
He still a little confused and talking to self . A-bought rubbish don't no what sort of night going to have but dreading it

Only got to give pills if realy confused


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Im so sorry @vannesser , you are having a rough time at the moment.
I do hope tonight isnt bad as you fear, you can get the pills tomorrow and that they work