A Tea Towel in Paris


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Mar 15, 2006
I have just had a meeting with my Dads consultant. He has given Dad a max of 6 months to live. I feel as though my whole world is falling apart...

...and yet, from somewhere in the depths of my memory came a quote I once saw on a tea towel in Paris many years ago...

"Now is the time to be happy!"

Spose we just dont know how much worse things may get so its best to make the most of the here and now...has helped me to remember this saying...hope it helps others too.




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Mar 13, 2006
Hi maria,

In february the consultant gave my mum 12 months last tuesday they said it could be as soon as september,
Im with norman on this "day by day" its the only way i can get through

my thoughts are with you x