A phone call to remind of an appointment


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Mar 27, 2024

I have a laptop, and android phone, and I am DESPERATE to find a way to schedule a call to my parents landline, that would read a message twice. Something like " Hi Mum, This is just to remind you that you have Craft Club today. You need to be read by 9:30 to be picked up by the driver"

Have whatever tech to call the landline, which mum is good to pickup and remind her.

The call will repeat once a month, or 3rd thursday of each month like that

there must MUST be some technology that I can set up but I feel so disheartened as for the life of me i cannot google or duckduckgo find anthing that will work..

For scheduling, I want to be able to set every week at a certain time , or Every three weeks, or call on these dates, and give a list of dates.

Can anyone help...

I know that i could program mums mobile to play a sound, but, I want to have it as a phone call. I can record and upload a message if needed.


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Jun 7, 2022
Echo portal?

You can set reminders and schedule from your phone. It's not a phone call per se, but you can set up a routine to say what you need several times as a reminder.

Hope that helps🤞