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A mixed up time


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
My dad has recently started day care and this is going really well. When he gets back he hasn't got a clue what he did but he did say that everyone was there to look after me. That's really lovely.
My mum I'm fearing is just getting tired all the time. No idea if carers breakdown is coming or if she is simply acting her 86 year old self as she would do normally. She tends to have her lunch then go to bed for a couple of hours. My dad so far has been perfectly safe downstairs snoozing in his chair. He has never been that active. My mum has been offered up to 8 weeks of respite care. As soon as the social worker said this I felt a wall of resistance mount up so when the social worker left I chatted to her to encourage her to at least give it a try.
My sister and I decided we would see how the day care centre went and then would look at homes in the mean time. With such a positive response to the day care I'm hoping that going to a care home won't be as traumatic as we are dreading. What experience from others do we have out there???