A little tip that might help with non-drinking


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Jul 7, 2007
Hello all,

As you will know we have been having awful trouble with our Mum refusing to drink - so much so that she's had severe dehydration problems.

Last night, my sister, quite by chance, put some crushed ice with the drink in Mum's sippy cup. The result was dramatic - she drank the lot and wanted some more ! - and it gave her several minutes of conversation complaining about how cold her hands were afterwards !

We'd never, ever, thought about how boring really tepid drinks are - and given the tropical temperatures in the CH it seems that all her drinks would be like this.

Just a tip - it may not work for everyone but its worth a try ?



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Mar 21, 2003
Excellent tip Germain!

I noticed by dad was terribly dehydrated last time I visited him. Not suprising as the heating is most care homes seems to be on full 24/7. I'll try him on an ice drink.

Everyone complains of the heat but there are always residents who are feeling cold who need to be catered for. The heat is also terrible for spreading germs.