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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas
I know that there are those of you out there who take care at home and this is mainly for your piece of mind. Over the past weekend mom had ceased to urinate without being manipulated. (Moved onto her side or her stomache massaged) Her stomach became bloated. I called the nurse and requested she come out to be catheterized. She talked with me on the phone we discussed how much she drank and how she is pretty much breathing and sleeping totally with her mouth wide open.

She reminded me that babies who take in too much air get colicky and their stomaches can become bloated and hard like moms.

I let the nurse convince that she just had not drank enough and to switch to gatorade so she wouldn't become dehydrated from the lack of liquids. Anyways yesterday mom got hot (101 Fever) I gave her some liquid tylenol and she started to apirate on me. While I held mom in an upright position my helper , Sherry, patted moms back to help clear her lungs. I called the home health and they sent out a nurse. Between moms fever and a low blood pressure she felt we should take her to the hospital. I agreed at the hospital they did all needed and catheterized her. She released 2 litres of urine which you could tell was infected. Her stomach gone almost immediately. She is on iv and heavy duty iv antibiotics and will have a few more tests done then come home. Her chest is fine right now for no pneumonia so I am happy because that would be horrible.

Anyyways what I am saying is if you have a gut feeling don't let a nurse sway your idea elsewhere make them prove you wrong. The second I am doing is telling you of how she became so that no one else will have to go thru or accidentally put their lovved one thru a bladder infection that could have been if not stopped at least a few days shorter of its life.

Mom is eating and looking much better today and even tho she is stage 7 and I know I will soon have to make more serious decisions I regret not having stuck to my guns since she could have been comfortable sooner. Just take my advice as they get further along you have to pay very close attention and even might consider taking up a diary of bodily fuctions liquis and food intake so you can better see what is going on with them. Mom no longer talks and this is part of the reason I should have stuck to my guns-I knew better.

HUgs to everyone and I hope this helps someone out later on.


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Sep 27, 2006
Many of us have also been in your position where we know that something more is wrong than a professional person is telling us. We take on board 'expert' opinions but still have the nagging feeling that their information is not quite correct. What to do in situations such as this? That is the hard question and can only be answered with certainty after the event has unfolded. Thanks for your warning and I am so glad that your mum is improving. xxTinaT

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Apr 3, 2006
If I had a serious cause for concern, I would not be happy with a telephone diagnosis. In my opinion it is a lazy way to practice.

If it`s something within our experience, or a virus infection or minor condition, fair enough. But if, as in this case, someone had difficulty urinating, alarm bells would ring and I would want them seen.

Thank you citybythesea for telling of your bad experience.


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Aug 29, 2006
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Hi citybythesea

What a terrible experience for you and your mom. She must have been so uncomfortable. Two litres is a huge amount for someone to retain.

My husband also can no longer communicate, and I spend a lot of time with him, just holding his hand and observing. The carers just don't have time for this, and it's so important.

I'm glad your mom is much better, she's done well to have got over the infection so quickly.

And you're doing a brilliant job caring for her at home. But if you feel the time has come to hand over the reins, don't hesitate. 24-hour care is exhausting.