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  1. Bigreader

    Bigreader Registered User

    Jan 22, 2016
    I wasn't sure where to post this, but wanted as many of you to see it as possible. I have only just joined properly, but have been reading for quite some time. My mother died on New Years Day after being on End of Life since Christmas Day. She had impeccable timing from her years as an amateur actress!

    However, without all of you on here I would never have learned what I did. We got her council tax disregarded, and I discovered that a lot of her problems were typical of dementia. When the doctors said they could do no more, I had read about end of life care o here so knew what questions to ask. I did feel a bit like an executioner but she was suffering and I knew it was the right thing. She was 90 and up until the dementia she'd had a very easy, good life. The nurses were brilliant and very caring. I had put a photo of her in her twenties on the bedside table and they were all astounded how beautiful she was. It just serves to remind them that the patient was once young and vibrant like them.
    It was very emotional when she went as it was only a week befor the first anniversary of losing my beloved husband last year. How I missed his help and support during this last year. She is at peace now and I have to find my own life again. Sorry to have rambled on, but I had to tell you all how grateful I am for TP and hope now to help others.

    Bigreader x
  2. Deputypink

    Deputypink Registered User

    Aug 4, 2013
    The same

    My dad died just before Christmas - and thanks to everyone on TP I was semi prepared ( I do not think you can ever be totally prepared .) Reading through people's journeys over the last year - i have gained insight into end of life - I had already found poems , started to put own memories for thought about funerals etc. The power and support everyone gives on this site is amazing . It is still early days for me to loose Dad and I have posted more since he died - but for me - it is now my time to support others that have now need the support on their journeys . Thank you to everyone - I am sending lots of pats on the backs to all jx
  3. Shedrech

    Shedrech Volunteer Moderator

    Dec 15, 2012
    #3 Shedrech, Jan 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
    Hello Bigreader
    I'm so sorry you lost your mother recently - my what a wonderful woman she sounds to have been.
    And at such a poignant time for you, remembering your husband.
    Those of us who post may not always realise how many people do quietly read the threads for information, support and to know none of us is completely alone in this dementia experience.
    I'm moved by your post - it is a wonderful testimony to the power of TP. Thank you for writing so eloquently; certainly not a ramble.
    I hope we will hear more from you, as well as Deputypink.
    Best wishes
  4. Moorcroft

    Moorcroft Registered User

    Nov 4, 2015
    I am sorry for your loss.

    Best wishes
  5. LadyA

    LadyA Registered User

    Oct 19, 2009
    Sorry to hear of your bereavement Bigreader - and yours, deputypink. As Shedrech says, it's good to know you found TP so helpful.
    Best wishes to you both.
  6. Quilty

    Quilty Registered User

    Aug 28, 2014
    You were an exceptional daughter, and I am glad that TP helped you through these difficult days. I hope you stay with us, and help others in their own journey.

    Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.
    Love Quilty

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