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A good side of Care Homes


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Nov 18, 2018
You hear so much on this site about CHs and the fear and dread of going into one I thought I'd share a little story about my Mum's CH.
I got a call yesterday from my Mum's care home about the fact that she would only sit down for a few minutes at lunch and then wonder off before her meal was served and that she didn't like puddings. Her weight was falling and she didn't have enough energy. Anyway they have found a solution to the problem. As soon as she sits down they put a plate of food in front of her which she eats and then instead of a pudding she has another main course which she is eating. She has started to put on the lost weight and is staying awake longer during the day. They have obviously thought this through and found a solution specially for Mum. I feel she is much better eating in the dining room at a table with her friends.
I just wanted to say Care homes are not always something to be feared.


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Feb 2, 2019
I agree some care homes can be very good . My MIL has just passed away and I take comfort in knowing that she was so well looked after in her CH . She loved ice cream and in her final weeks when she wouldn’t eat they regularly tempted her with an ice cream cornet throughout the day . Those calories were better than no calories. I am still on TP as I still can’t let you go - it’s become an habit to sign on when I get a cup of tea x


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Jul 16, 2016
My mum was really looked after well in her home, when her appetite was waning they did so much to try and tempt her...... even on several occasions going to the local Macdonald's to get her favourite Big Mac and strawberry milkshake. Bless them. X


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Feb 27, 2018
I agree about the benefits of care homes. My mother's CH is lovely and I think she's really lucky to be there. She has been underweight for a few years but the CH are keeping her weight stable. If she doesn't want what is served they will get her something else (an omelette, egg on toast) so they ensure she does eat something. They serve home-made cake every afternoon and she does tend to eat that willingly!


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May 12, 2019
My late mums care home was brilliant - such great friendly staff who really DID care for the residents - my mum told me one day how one of the residents appeared a little upset and a carer gave them such a big, big hug and said that the staff ‘really do care’....it was so lovely to hear that from my mom - she enjoyed home cooked food there and if she didn’t fancy the choices given, they’d let her have something else she fancied instead....such a great care home