A Good Period

Dave W

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Jul 3, 2005
In the twin spirits on appreciating the bettertimes when they happen and letting others know that they do, a quick update (with apologies for lack of postngs recently - t's been a bit busy lately!) ...

Mum is now in a new room at the home, much bigger and brighter than the last one, on the ground floor in a quiet corner at the back of the house (she'd complained about the traffic noise in the previous room) and with an en suite. She calls i her 'new flat', and seems to really like it. Fingers crosed, but she didn't mention going home at all on the last visit. And has realised that having her dog wouldn't be fair on the dog. Slowly, she's settling and accepting where she is (though her memory and comprehension continue o slowly ebb away, which is heartbreaking to watch - I feel so sorry for her, although she is actually becoming increasingly calm and good humoured).

Last week, she also came to see me play guitar for the first time, as the band I play in played a charity concert for the local hospice and a local mental health charity. (We raised about £8000). She had a marvellous time (one of the carers came with her, and thought we were great too), and loved the jazz quartet I play in (who were the 'support' band for the night). She's carrying the CD with her proudly, and very proud of the programme (I got ther whole band to sign it). (If you go to www.willsnap.org/theband you can hear some short samples and read more about us).

As she took to our sax player, who plays oboe in a local orchestra, we're taking her to see the orchestra who are playing in the church opposite the home on Sunday night.

We have to finish sorting out her house, but we're getting there - and one of her neighbours is seriously interesting in buying it, so we'll be following that up soon. New hurdles (investing the proceeds to suit her best, solicitors and so on), but hurdles I can face knowing that she is being well looked after and is appreciating our visits.

Huge thanks to everyone at TP who has helped me to get this far, and I'll try to log in more often to share what advice and experience I can to those making this journey in their own lives. For now, 'im indoors is pointing out I've spent all night on the PC, so I'd better go and make the cocoa!

Goodnight all - Dave


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Dave

I'm pleased to hear your mum is more settled and things seem to be working well for you at the moment......................well done on helping to raise £8000..........not an easy task for anyone to do, its no wonder you've been busy!

Love Alex x


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Jan 4, 2006
Dave good to hear from you - why do you always apologise for your absences? There is no need. I could give you a big hug - there has been so much sadness on TP these last few days, it is great to hear that someone is in a good phase - it's got my day off to a good start!
Thank you, and take care, and hope both of you enjoy Sunday night.
Love Helen