A good day


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Sep 19, 2007
I know everyone has such sad and desperate things to say, me included, so I hope you don't mind my being otherwise today because mine has been a good day today. We did go and see the consultant against my better judgement but I am so pleased we did. My husband, having been totally uncommunicative on the ward (staff saying he was unlikely to cooperate with the consultant) and wordless during the taxi drive to the other hospital, was very alert for his meeting with the consultant. Physical strength and reflexes excellent, counting down from 100 in 7's astonishing (I had only reached 86 when he had got down to 65), naming things beginning with 'F' he finished with the word 'fandango' - for pity's sake!! (Mind you he could only name 4 things). But he didn't know his full address and didn't understand the proverbs given him and couldn't write a full sentence about the weather. But he did know today's date and that it was Autumn. We returned to the ward, he took off his coat, sat down and closed his eyes to the world - totally uncommunicative again. I am sure he really doesn't like being there and today, when I said to the consultant that he wasn't going anywhere but home next, my husband agreed!! Yippee!!! Another 'specialist' MRI scan is to be done as an outpatients appointment but the consultant did reiterate that my husband was on the right medication - except he seems to be being weaned off the anti-depressant now. Not eating well again this week though.

Love from Sammyb

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Good news is always welcome Sammy.

Could the fact your husband isn`t eating well have anything to do with hospital food? I understand he had eating problems before, but would home cooking be more acceptable to him?


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Aug 9, 2007

What a lovely post. It is so nice to hear about good days too!

Hope he gets to come home to you soon.




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Apr 15, 2007
Dear Sammy,

They were pleasing results, so pleased for you.
sammyb said:
except he seems to be being weaned off the anti-depressant now. Not eating well again this week though.
I was just thinking that the anti-depressants can increase appetite so by weaning your hubby down, maybe this is causing his lack of interest in the food again.

Going by his behaviour on returning back to the home it seems that this depresses him been there, might be better to wean him off the anti-depressants once home.

I hope that you have him home real soon. Regards Taffy.

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