a funny moment

barbara h

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Feb 15, 2008
county durham
My 16 year daughter and i went to see my mam last night at the care home and as usual she was talking a lot of nonsense and as you all know sometimes its difficult to keep the conversation going when you are not sure what the other person is talking about.

Mam was asking me about something and waiting for my reply and after asking her to repeat it twice i had to say to her "I'm sorry mam i don't know what you are talking about" Her reply "I don't what is wrong with you, you never seem to know what i am talking about these days!!!" Then turned to my daughter and said "I think your mam needs to come in here for a week for some training!!"

She obviously thinks it's me with the problem.

We just had a good chuckle about it. What else can you do.

Barbara h

Alison K

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Mar 29, 2008
You have to laugh

My dad does this too, he was talking to me about one of my friends and informed me he thought she was going "funny". That as it maybe the words "pot" and "kettle" spring to mind. My memory has gone all over the place since dad has been ill and he isnt as bad as many, but I put it down to stress, age (46!) beeing a mum to 2 boys:eek:(thats my favourite smilie!) and working in NHS - everyone wants a piece and its all spoken for!! Familiar feeling anyone? Love ALi and keep smiling:D


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Jul 31, 2007
A funny moment shared on Talking Point is the best tonic.
Please don't get me wrong not with the gin, we all need a clear head when dealing with so called Profesionals.

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