A"fear" of certain people...


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Aug 18, 2006
Today my Mum admitted that she feels flustered and under pressure when my husband is around. he's taken this qute badly as he has always though the absolute world of my Mum and would do anything for her. he is also very worried that this means when we move in with her she might respond negatively toward hm, or he might unintentionally frighten her. She says she has no idea whay she feels this way, and would hate to hurt his feelings in any way, but she can;t help herself. I;m not too worried in the medium to log term because she might not know who he is my then but we have got to live together for a while while they buid the house extention, and I;m worried how we will cope in the sort term. Is this common and how have others dealt with it?


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Mar 13, 2006
hi bristolbelle

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my mum had this happen to her a few months back only it was my dad who was the one she was scared of which was quite upsetting as he's her carer, she just couldnt recognise him as her husband only this strange old man that came to her house everyday.
she was more mobile then and used to run to my house just up the road and she's be terrified, untill my dad phoned and said im home now and he'd come pick her up and she'd go off with him with no problems, this used to happen a few times a day untill we had her put into hospital for assesment.
luckily after a week in hospital she never mentioned it again it was just donkeys and monkeys and babies everywhere (but thats another story:eek: )
we were lucky that it didnt last that long with her im sure there are other people who it has lasted a lot longer for.
and also with my mum her dementia is very progressive and where it takes years in other people its taking months with my mum so her symptoms could be shorter than others.
im sure you'll get more replies soon
take care x