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A Fan of Sport & A Good day for all


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Nov 16, 2008
Bexley in Kent nr London
Mark doesn't watch much TV but when the Rugby is on it really holds his attention. Being Gay however the motivation is not strictly interest in the conventional sporting sense.

Today Wales v Italy started with Mark singing the the Italian national anthem (his version) which goes something like;
"Just one Cornetto, geev eet to mee, deelishus ice cream from Italee"

This was followed by his commentry on a tackle that left an Italian player hurt; "Et tu brute you brute" he shouted at the Welsh side.

He then continued in similar vein to admonish both sides for His penalties including: Nut kicking, Tearing shorts off and the sin bin warning for tackling cutie! Whoever cuties is!;)

I have to say that I am quite proud of him. On Friday his Day Care co-ordinator asked Mark to give a presentation on Dentistry (his previous occupation) So off he went with the tools of his trade in his bag. The Co-ordinator rang me to say that it had been a resounding success. He had fielded questions well and apart from the screams of terror by some clients, at the sight of dental extraction forceps etc (which do look like instruments of torture :eek:)he had enjoyed himself and they had a good time too.

What a delight for me too.

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Being Gay however the motivation is not strictly interest in the conventional sporting sense.

Excuse me, but I only watched Sport Relief last night for a few glimpses of David Ginola :rolleyes::D ..... and no, not because I admired his skills on the footie field!!!!!:eek:

I wonder if any of our LGBT members watched the sketch of ‘Smithy and Becks’ and what they made of it?

Love, Karen, x

(Lovely post, Robert :))


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Sep 27, 2006
All the sketches blurred into one at the end of the evening for me but I did enjoy most of it. David Beckham is my No 1 pin up! He replaced Paul Newman about 10 years ago for me. Funny that both are blond and I've been married all this time to a little dark haired Cornish origins man.

Is it a question of what you don't have you covet I wonder?

Good to hear about your partner and his great sense of humour Robert. Hope to hear more from you two.