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A different town?

Jeanie 73

Registered User
Apr 20, 2013
N Lincolnshire
Today my daughter and I decided to go into town, a different way to the usual but one I know well, or did! Today it was somehow different, unfamiliar, strange,I kept looking for the familiar but could not find it! I don't panic these days, but then again I don't often venture on my own! For now I accept that because I didn't know it today does not mean that next time I venture that route into town I won't know it again,the likely hood is that I will,and will be comforted by its familiar facades.

It's not always possible to remain calm though, the other day I was trying hard to get my parting straight after washing my hair, but was getting frustrated in the process, when the solution appeared, a razor would sort it out! Luckily I can't move well at all, and in the seconds the thought came into my head, it had gone! Hopefully not to be resurrected!

On a brighter note it's been great to be out in my garden for a few days this week, and with daughters help all is shipshape again, and ready for new planting season wishing you all well xxxx