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Feb 24, 2006
Worried Woman said:
So is the paranoia thing normal?

My mother comes up with stories about people being rude to her, giving her funny looks and snubbling her. Some of these are people I know and I wonder if I should ask them for their version of the encounter?


Yes the paranoia is normal for someone with dementia, although it's not necessarily compulsory. I have to say that my mum was paranoid before she had dementia and seems to be less so now that she has it :confused: She did go through a stage when she lived at home of saying that my sister was taking all her clothes though :eek:


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Nov 17, 2004

With my Mum's "paranoia", she has usually done something, sometimes invloved with people dying or drowning or taking something which is not only going to get her into trouble but has implicated us as well so we are going to get into trouble too....

Of course she has done none of those things and we do not know where the stories have come from.

If you have never met her before she can come over as very plausible as well. She is not allowed out on her own now as she was picking up complete strangers and telling them she was locked out of her house once she was in the care home but still allowed out, one even smashed the glass front door in for her. We think she also gave money to strangers during that time as well.

Her new GP (we have moved them to a home nearer to me recently) is going in to do an assessment to register the EPA soon - I hope he picks up all the background information - as it will be interesting to see what he says. She will say there is nothing wrong with her of course and why can't she go home.