A Christmas wish


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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon
Dementia`s sufferers
Christmas wish.

“Hello love” It’s me again! I know you can’t hear me as I have trouble speaking now, still, it still doesn’t stop me gazing at your beauty and loving you so much. Just thought I would say thank you for all you have done for me this year and every other year we’ve been together. I am always here my darling, even though I can’t say it these days, I watch all that you do, and thank you for hugging me, kissing me and still making my favourite food. You have so much to do and me so little, but, if the roles were reversed I would exactly the same, I just want you to know that.
HEY!!!! Is that the grandkids?? Hello my lovelies!! Your grandad is still here even though he`s not as grumpy these days as he used to be. I’ve sat here for quite a while now and watched you all grow into your own persons. I just want you to know how proud I am of you all. I hear you asking grandma “Why does grandad not speak anymore? And “Will grandad ever get better? I just want you to know that while you keep coming round and seeing grandma and me we appreciate it very much, even though I do sometimes jump a mile when you make a loud noise! Don’t worry, children are supposed to be noisy (just don’t tell gran I sad that)
As I look around I see all the Christmas decorations are as beautiful as ever I am so pleased you have kept that tradition up, I wouldn’t have liked it if you hadn’t, I haven’t gone anywhere yet, I’m still here my love, you just can’t hear me. But when you talk to me so gently and look into my eyes I will blink two or three times just to show you I’m listening, or I will try anyway, just wanted you to know I am listening to what you say and love hearing the latest news from the family.
I love you darling, always have, and always will, just make sure you look after yourself and give the kids a big hug from me.
Merry Christmas to you all.

When I enter the later stages of my AD this is how I would like to think my Christmas conversation would go with my loved ones and hope it brings a smile to some of you who have loved ones at this stage now, As always, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Mar 7, 2004
Thank you Norms for your thoughts.

I would like to think that similar words are somehow going through Lionel's mind at the moment. Who knows?.


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Oct 27, 2009
Hello Norrms!
I was just reflecting this morning that it is the posts from AZ sufferers that I learn most from on this site, and yours has just moved me to tears.
I hope you and your family have a really lovely Christmas!


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Feb 28, 2008
Macclesfield, Cheshire
Oh Norms, what a wonderful, touching post. Those words mean so much to so many of us, how thoughtful you are. I hope you have a truly special Christmas with your dear family.xxx


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hi Norrms

That was wonderful today, thank you.

There are days when I look at the threads and can not think of an answer, but you written this in a way that I do not have to think of an answer.

You are writing things the way we want to explain it, but perhaps can not find the correct words to say what we mean.

Keep up the good work old friend.



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Jun 18, 2009
essex. frinton
What a wonderful person you are norm, your message left me in tears it is the unsaid message from so many, have a wonderful Christmas and a hug from me, love wendy

Winnie Kjaer

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Aug 14, 2009
A box of tissues later and I too would like to say thank you so much. My husband is a kind and gentle caring man like you Norrms and he would have said just those words if he could. Thank you again. He does tell me he loves me every day but mastering that takes a huge amount of effort.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a peaceful and smokefree New Year