A chance meeting


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Mar 15, 2006
You are possibly aware that both my folks have AD and my Dad is in a Nursing Home. My family has been ripped apart by the situation and I have been left to cope with both parents on my own. All this has been very draining as I also work full time (split shifts at that). I have felt so alone at times.

Yesterday I was trudging into Asda, my mind full of shopping as fast as I could so I could get to Mums to mow the lawn in case it rained this weekend etc etc etc when I heard my name called. Looking up I saw a woman who used to childmind my kids years ago. We havent spoken at length for a long time. We got chatting and it became clear that we are both in very similar situations...her Mother has Dementia and her father is in denial about it all. Her siblings have refused to help at all and she has been left to cope alone. We had a massive hug and a long chat about it all in Asda car park and vowed to keep in touch as it is wonderful to find someone in the same boat.

I walked around Asda with a smile on my face and releif in my heart knowing I have someone that I already know, who lives nearby, that I can talk with and share good and bad times with. We both agreed it was Fate.

Just thought I would share something relatively happy for a change.

I hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and manages at least 5 minutes sit in the sunshine (if we get any) to relax and marvel at the beauty of life.




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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
Thanks for sharing that. It's wonderful when the right people turn up at just the right time.

I also have a theory that if we spend long enough in Asda (or Tesco) we meet everyone we ever knew :rolleyes:

Hope you have a good bank holiday weekend too.



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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Maria29al

I am convinced that there is some sort of a balance connected to AD..
I have found ,as is usual some friends have vanished,Peg's longest best friend has not been near,says she gets embarrassed by the situation.
Some others also have gone missing.
On the good side some have come ,or returned into our lives.
Amongst these are two young ladies,one is Peg's personal care,the other her sister, cleans for us ,they are both angels.
Daughters could not be any better although I understand some daughters are a dead loss.
Crossroads carers are wonderful,could not be more helpful, and beyond and above their paid duties.
We have some great neighbours who watch out for us and I am sure would be helpful if the need arose.
We have been lucky,sounds like sod's law to me,who cares just accept it gratefully.


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Feb 17, 2006
What happen with people that have not come in contact with any illness is because they live in a comfort zone, so

Its not that I want help with helping mum, you can get that from social worker or agencies, its having a friend of my own( not mum's friends )that’s in the same situation as me in looking after a love one , I think that what maria29al was saying ?

Like the saying who care ?but the carer so to meet someone in the same
Situation that you
know & you new them is lucky

who cares just accept it gratefully.
accept what Norman ?


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Mar 7, 2004
Maria, my dear old mum would say,"the sun shines on the rightous". Whoever, whatever, I am so pleased for you. New friends, old friends, as long as they accept our situation, that is fine by me.

Thank you for your good wishes for5 minutes in the sunshine, I will drink to that.


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Mar 18, 2006
I also have a theory that if we spend long enough in Asda (or Tesco) we meet everyone we ever knew

I Love that theory. aintit strange how popping into asda for bread can take 2 hours and cost you 50 quid