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Feb 1, 2005
Its a while since I have posted, but following advice given previously, I am now in the process of having my Mum diagnosed with dementia of some kind, Alzheimers has been mentioned. We are due to visit the specialist at the end of May to find out what (if anything) can be done to prolong her decline. My Mum has had three visits to the house where she has been put through a series of tests. (to which she has failed miserably) The doctor who conducted the test has told us his findings. Her problem is in frontal lobe and her test results are very low. He is not advising medication, but further tests in nine months. Is this normal, I feel my Mum has got worse over the last six months. My Dad is very confused and I would like to offer him some constructive advise (as well as my sister and myself) but I dont know what to say.
Its hard on us all as I dont doubt you understant, I am trying to be strong, but sometimes it doesn't come easy,
Any help would be welcome.
Lisa x


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Lisa, your best bet is to wait till you see the specialist in May. Once the type of dementia has been confirmed, there may be treatment to help. What is offered does sometimes depend on the type of dementia and also any other illnesses or medications already being taken. I expect this is why you have been left floundering a bit at present. You do need a firm diagnoses to proceed. Good luck, love She. XX


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Lisa,

Nice to hear from you again. Sheila is right in saying that you should hold on until you have a firm diagnosis from your MD.

In the meantime, do a bit of research. Check out all the Fact Sheets and familiarise yourself as much as possible with what will happen in the future. There are some very good books about AD on Amazon. That way, you will feel more informed and a bit more in control of the situation later on. It will make life more easy for you if you know what to expect.

Best wishes,


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