A big THANK YOU to the Moderaters


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Feb 8, 2007
Ramsgate - Kent
I have posted many messages and received many responses from both other member and Moderators.

However I've only just read about the actual Moderators - and their own personal experiences - with their loved ones and have tears in my eyes.

You do a wonderful job on here after all you've been (and still are)going through - a big THANK YOU just for being there for us members. I hope I can speak on their behalf.

Am still in the same situation here with my Mum whos 89 next month - and still without any respite. After reading about their experiences I feel if they can do it - I sure can ! :eek:



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Feb 13, 2008
HI There
I totally agree with you on this one - our moderators do so much, and keep on giving no matter what they are personally going through, I don't know how they do it keeping this site going the way they do.
Fantastic work.
Love AndreaX


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello Mary,

Like you and Andrear..I am in total agreement.....:)

The "Mods" are all living their own lives which are bound by Dementia and the the effects it has on all of our lives.

And they are here for us...in spite of their own problems...

Their contribution to TP should never be dismissed lightly, or overlooked...

They are dedicated people..and perhaps us regular members should let them know more often how valued their efforts are...

Thanks for reminding us Mary.....:)

Love gigi xx


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Oct 2, 2007
Hi everyone

I just wanted to add to what's already been said in this thread...

The moderators do a fantastic job. Part of the reason why our moderators are so very valuable is because they all come to the role with a great deal of personal experience of caring for and supporting people with dementia.

It's important to remember that the moderators are all living with the complex challenges that dementia brings (regardless of what stage of the 'dementia journey' they are at), so thanks very much to Mary for raising this.

It's great to see an appreciation of the work that the moderators do, by the people who matter most - TP members themselves. :)