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A bad night


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Apr 9, 2020
Anyone awake my poor nan is having a bad night she lives with my daughter and I and she thinks my daughter is going in her bedroom trying to nick her teeth! This is such a wicked disease my poor daughter of 23yrs is so upset she only goes in because she can hear her and wants to make sure shes ok . Nans in late onset so rapid decline or water infection again. She wont wash and doesn't wipe front to back dint know what else to do. She was fine yesterday sorry for rant x

Starting on a journey

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Jul 9, 2019
Just woke up, so sorry you have had a broken night. Your poor mum for thinking her grand daughter is stealing her teeth and your poor daughter being thought of as the culprit.
Hopefully she will be better today, can you get her tested for a water infection if she continues.
Your poor daughter sounds in the same situation as my son....only want to check and help but then accused of whatever she fancies.
A cruel disease. Hopefully you have an easier day


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Jun 19, 2016
It would be a good idea to check for other medical problems as well. Both of you are lucky to have such wonderful children as well.



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Dec 16, 2018
So sorry to hear this. It is so upsetting when this happens. My mum gets very agitated and can be angry with me at night. You simply don't knows what's to do fort the best. Sleep deprivation will be hard on both of you. Any chance of getting a GP respite bed? Might be worth asking the doctor.