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A and E visit


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Feb 17, 2012
Just spent the day in the county A and E department with Dad after he woke up this morning with a swollen finger. He complained about how much it hurt all the through breakfast but of course the minute I mentioned visiting the hospital there was nothing wrong. Several hours, three nurses and two tests later he was diagnosed with gout- hopefully, the doctor said, of the kind that comes and goes, but who knows. So now he's on a course of anti-inflammatories, and stomach protective tablets too. It's just as well I'm on holiday next week so I can make sure he takes them all.
I know nothing about gout, besides reading of sufferers in Victorian children's stories. The only thing I remember is that its sometimes associated with people who drink too much, which as dad doesn't drink at all, doesn't help me a great deal.
Anyway, besides us both suffering chronic boredom, and dad's usual habit of saying something awkward or embarrassing at the worst moment things didn't go too bad. He even told someone I was his daughter at one point- the first time in months, though it was more of an absentminded statement than anything. He spent the rest of the day telling me we may look alike but I couldn't possibly be his- loudly, in a crowded waiting room:(! Then on the way home he forgot I lived with him and started trying to tell me where he had parked his car- waving his finger in front of me. Very confusing and distracting! What with that and the torrential rain the drive home was not the best time I've ever had. Still we're back now, having missed lunch, and both feeling rather drenched. I'm just hoping he'll get himself oriented sometime soon, or this evening is set to be fun.


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Feb 10, 2010
Hiya JMU,

Sorry to read about your dad and his gout! Just so you're aware (I'm sure you'll check the internet anyway), gout is an extremely painful condition. It is caused by an excess of uric acid in the system and this then results in crystals forming on certain joints in the body - often you hear about it being in the big toe! My father was told to avoid certain foods when he had a flare up - like seafood, red meat, cabbage/caulie/asparagus, beans and lentils and beer and sweet drinks with fructose in them. Big no no was kidneys and liver - offal types of food. Did he listen - not a bit!

Hope this helps,