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7day a week NHS


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May 5, 2014
Sunny South East
I work in the NHS and already do week days / weekends fortunately not nights.
In my area we have 2 walk in clinics 8-8 but you have to travel 10 miles to get to either of them. Yes if GP's were open I'd go there, I've taken my mum to eye appointments on a Saturday - brilliant for me and Mum but apparently they are not being held on regular basis on a Saturday - shame. It's where the extra staff are going to come from to aid this on a full time and regular basis. I'm open to change and think the NHS really does need a change. But I've been in it long enough to see the circles I'm afraid and I fear if they mess with the unsocial hours payments it may come back to bite them big time. At the moment I also pray nothing happens to Mum at weekend. Too much knowledge I suppose.
Time will tell.
SR. x