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28 days? NHS CHC !


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Aug 5, 2014
Kendal Cumbria
Well, we have been through the MDT meeting and the DST which still hasn't been fully completed because a mental health assessment is outstanding even though Dad has a deprivation of liberty order (DOLS) until sometime in April. We had the DST MDT meeting on the 11th March is that when the 28 days kicks in?
It states somewhere in the guidelines that we should be informed of a decision after 28 days from when the checklist was completed. Im not sure if they mean the original actual checklist (well that was done around February 27th) or when it was sent to whoever it was sent to......! or 28 days from when we had the DST meeting, or haven't we even started to count yet because they are waiting to give Dad a mental health assessment.
He is 85, he has been in hospital since February 26th when he collapsed, he is gradually deteriorating, he has lost skills, he is confused, frustrated, incoherent, muddled, and doesn't know where he is, he cannot follow instructions or ask or answer questions.He can't indicate if he is in pain.
He has become aggressive at times, he has one to one a lot of the time he wanders and meddles with others belongings he paces around the ward, he hardly sleeps and is agitated.
I wish they could just get on with these assessments !!!! Does it have to take 28 days? well its been longer!
A hospital ward is not a good place for an elderly person with dementia
It is run for able people who understand routines and questions!
He is on two waiting lists for local nursing homes, but is rapidly deteriorating every time we visit. It breaks my heart to see him.
My Daddy.........where has he gone:(


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Jan 22, 2011
Same with my aunt Katie . I'm surprised they have kept your dad in soloing without putting him in a nursing home.

My 92 year old aunt went into hospital bleeding from her rectum. Cancer was discovered and they were practically screaming at me to put her in a nursing home. Chc was refused.
I'm going to take up the cudgels again as I'm still unhappy about that.


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Apr 8, 2012
Hi there Katie 1. I am somewhat surprised that the DOLS order is still in place if Dad is in hospital and is as poorly as you describe. My Mum was on a DOLS order for over 6 months but she was and still is in a residential care home. An absolutely pointless piece of paper that is at the moment. Knowing how the NHS is crying out for bed space I am suprised the SS have not been called in and a suitable place found for him in a nursing home. As has been said the NHS hospital is not the place for our loved ones who are suffering from this dreadful disease. They require love and patience and a lot of understanding. Some need help with eating meals. The routine of a hospital does not provide this care.

Can you contact his GP and let them know in a rather robust manner that you are not happy and you are not going to let the situation go on. Dont speak to a receptionist but insist, even if he/she has to ring you back that you speak to the Doctor. It may not do any good but it may you feel a lot better.

Also as it the run up to the election contact your local MP or Dad's local MP if it is not yours. They will be falling over themselves to help your Dad. Just try anything , you never know.