1st CPN visit


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Feb 17, 2008
It went very well Edna was in a very bad mood she kicked of the miniute she walked in the door it showed her true colours.
we now have to get her to the doctors next thurs. they are going to get a nurse to come twice a week to give her a bath and hair wash but Edna did say she can do it herself and didn't won't anyone but they want us to try it anyway, also she has to go back to see the consultant and she is coming back in two weeks.
she was great with Edna and she was her screaming at my dad and today she went for me right in front of her, I know its horrid to say but I was very pleased she did as it showed what she was like and todays battle was won.
next battle is to get her to the doc's for a full mot


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya heartbroken,
Pleased the cpn visit went 'so well':), but as you say best that Edna is seen in her true colours.
Think its good that the nurse is going to come in and try the bathing....Edna may react better to a professional. Take whatever help is offered!!