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18th birthday?


Registered User
Jul 12, 2014
My mother doesn't have dementia my dad does but mum has recently gone into a home for respite. It is my son's 18th birthday later this year and as she gave my older daughter some money for her 18th she wishes to do the same for him.We are hoping we can prove to SS if the time comes why it was done. She is self funding at the moment and probably will be for at least six months to a year. Do you think this will seen as deprivation of assets. It wouldn't be a massive amount but would help my son towards his first car or for uni.


Registered User
May 8, 2014
I think if it is about the same as she gave your daughter it will be fine. My mother is also in a home but has mental capacity (I am on this site because my dad has AD). My mother spends her money on what she wants and SS have never queried any of her spending. My mum will frequently spend £500 plus in John Lewis on clothes and alleyways gives the granddad kids and us an few hundred at birthdays. And these are run of the mill birthday, I definitely think an 18th is special and any grandmother would give a substantial present. If she has capacity she can do what she wants. i think problems only arise when people are gifting money for those without.


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Aug 24, 2013
As long as it's consistent with what's happened in the past then there shouldn't be a problem unless their financial circumstances have dramatically changed for the worse.

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