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15 minute visits on the increase !!

Fed Up

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Aug 4, 2012
Never heard this until the BBC news tonight, thinking can't be for real can it? Then the Alzheimers patient who only gets 3 x15 minute calls a day came on, its real and so this is a national disgrace.
So my point is why do we accept this situation our elderly and most vulnerable treated as though they are an expensive inconvenience ?
ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. Shame on this government and the LA's who are'nt spending their money, its ours so spend it on those in need.
End of my unusual rant about a caring government its Bah Humbug all.


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Aug 8, 2012
My mum has a 15 minute visit in the morning (for tablets but she also makes sure she has breakfast) and 15 minutes at night (tablets and microwave meal). I know some of them literally give her tablets to her and leave. Some however definitely stay longer and chat, make sure she's ok and even pop back after their shift!