washing and bathing

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    Personal hygiene

    Hi, I care for my Dad who has vascular dementia. Fortunately he is still able to live alone as my brother and I manage his appointments, shopping etc. A worrying trend is beginning to develop in that we’ve noticed that he hasn’t had a shower, cleaned his teeth or changed his clothes for several...
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    How to encourage personal hygiene?

    My mother has dementia and is essentially looked after by my father. However, he is currently recovering from surgery and is struggling to get my Mum to go in the shower (she is physically capable of looking after herself). My sister, my father and I are at a loss as to how to persuade her to...
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    Personal Hygiene

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and was hoping to get some advice and tips and talk to people who are going though/have gone through the same thing. We think that my Mum has the onset of Dementia. She had to go to the GP over a fall she had and I thought that was my opportunity to get her...