visual perception problems

  1. Alex54

    Suggestion for bedroom colours

    We have decided to move my wife (person with Alzheimer's) into a different bedroom, but I need to redecorate first. If it was left up to me the walls and ceiling would be white, but I do appreciate it can make a big difference. So has anyone got any better suggestions than plain old white?
  2. M

    Sitting down without a chair

    My wife is 68, has advanced dementia diagnosed 8 years ago, and has been in a care home for 4 years, where I stay with her 4 nights a week. She has everythging done for her, cannot talk and does not understand instructions, but is still able to walk slowly, with assitance, and still responds...
  3. B

    Mum thinks I'm her

    So this is an odd one. On a number of occasions recently my mother has thought I'm her and, obviously that's a very confusing thing to feel. I should say that I look very much like my mother (and her sister and her mum -- we're all peas in a pod). Has anybody else experienced something...