visiting the gp

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    My Dad won’t see a GP

    Hi, My Dad (71) has all the early signs of dimentia and has had increasing memory problems over the last couple of years. Myself and my family really want him to see a GP. The problem is that he is in complete denial and think he has always had a bad memory (which he has but nothing compared to...
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    GP wont diagnose dementia

    My 82 yo mother is suffering from memory loss, confusion, not following conversations or plots on tv. Sometimes she sleeps for 20 mins at night & then gets up and gets dressed, takes her morning meds and phones me to ask where I am. She’s now becoming secretive and suspicious even with me- one...
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    Why are we being sent back to the GP?

    Hi Thank you so much to the person who pointed me in the direction of 7 stages of Dementia. I found it very useful. Like many patients Ma goes across several stages. On the whole though I would say she is at stage 5 going into 6. Her behaviours are getting very difficult and she is very...