urinary tract infection (uti)

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    Why do people with dementia seem to get so many urine infections? What are we as Carers doing wrong?
  2. B

    Dementia and infections

    So.... I'm my Grandad's live-in carer. If I'm not at work, I do what needs doing. 5 mornings a week, we have a carer, the other 2, he goes to day care and either myself or my Mum (his daughter) get him ready. Mondays we shower and dress him, Wednesdays, we send him in his 'dirty' clothes and...
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    After a UTI?

    I went to visit mum yesterday to find her poorly - the carers said she has a UTI and that she was on the 3rd day of anti biotics - mum was jerking her arms like exaggerated shaking? Shouting out and apparently leaning when she walked to the toilet? She said she wasn't in pain to me but she...
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    Diagnosing UTI

    What should I expect from the GP when tackling a possible urine infection? At the moment I take a urine sample to the surgery when I suspect that something is odd. They do a dip test and if the result is positive they send the sample away to be cultured. This happened last Friday and a doctor...