travel and holidays

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    Travel with dementia/alzheimers

    hi all What experience does anyone have with their loved ones traveling with dementia/alzheimers? Are the PWD able to fly? Short haul or long haul? Im very worried about long haul overnight flights Thoughts?
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    Visiting relatives for Christmas

    Hello All, I am new to this forum but desperately searching around for advice. I am full-timer carer for my mum. She is 83 years old, with Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. Recently she has deteriorated. She is becoming more labile in her moods, poor prone to getting upset and crying. She...
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    Travelling with Alzheimer’s

    Hello. I care for my 71 year old mum who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s March 2017 although she has shown more symptoms of vascular dementia than Alzheimer’s. She relies on me for so much and I do struggle with fitting everything in as I work. Last year I took her to Italy as she really wanted...
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    Going on holiday

    Hi everyone. My husband is at stage 6 but he still has full control of his bowels and bladder and can still feed himself. We are going on holiday to Majorca in a few weeks time with some friends whom we have known for years. I realize now that this is probably a really bad idea but I have...