1. L

    Sleeping all the time

    Please can anyone advise me ,my mum has Alzheimer's for six years ,and is now sleeping all the time,she eats her meals,and then just wants to go to bed example six pm at night till eleven am next day and I have to coax her to get up
  2. M


    can anyone tell me if it is normal to sleep for about 16-18 hours a day. My oh seems to be sleeping so much.I must admit I quite like the few hours in the afternoon to catch up with housework and washing, but it doesn’t seem right. He sleeps almost 11 hours at night and is then asleep after...
  3. MorryLou

    Mum sleeping a lot

    Dear All My mother has started to sleep a lot. Yesterday we found her in in the kitchen in total darkness. It was obvious that she had been there a while. When I gave her tea she dropped off immediately after and slept till it was time for bed. She has slept all night too. She is on Memantine...
  4. J


    Hi, Mum is sleeping a lot more in the daytime - she seems to nod off at any given moment. When I visit her at the home she is often fast asleep in her chair, is this a symptom of dementia? Since going into the home she seems to have become more restless at night, wandering and not sleeping...