nhs continuing healthcare

  1. SoAlone

    CHC Funding Reviews

    Hi again, Does anyone have experience of ongoing CHC funding reviews? My OH has recently entered a Care Home with full CHC funding. I am given to understand, that because his discharge was from the General Hospital he will be reviewed again in 6 weeks and then on a regular basis. Can anyone...
  2. M

    CHC funding for home care?

    I read recently that you can get CHC funding for care services in your own home as well as in a care/nursing home. Has anyone here achieved this? I assume you have to be really, really bad to get it.
  3. L

    Needs nursing care - is it worth applying for CHC?

    I know this topic has been talked about a lot, and I've looked through various threads but hope you don't mind me posting about what's happening with my dad. He's living in an excellent residential care home but his condition has deteriorated a lot - can hardly communicate any more, very poor...
  4. Elle3

    NHS CHC Funding Assessment today

    Hi everyone I thought I'd write this separately from my other two threads which you may or may not have seen ('Crisis point after 9 days in care home' and 'Dad thinks I'm his wife and acts quite inappropriately') We had my dads CHC funding assessment today at the Care home and I can't believe...