music and singing

  1. nae sporran

    Music and dementia

    There's been a few letters in the Guardian on music for dementia and in care homes. A couple of them seemed quite positive and noteworthy, so I pass it on if anyone is interested.
  2. maryjoan

    I have just come back from a concert

    We have just had a lovely event in our village - the Singers and Christmas meal - very good. My OH sang for the first time in years and he has been a singer since the age of 7 when he was a chorister. He did not enjoy the meal afterwards, and did not join in any conversation at the table, and...
  3. M

    Playing The Violin In The Care Home Again

    Hello everyone! I'm just letting you all know that I played the violin in dad's care home again and this time instead of trying to get me to sit down he actually started dancing. The other's were either listening or singing along and generally having a good time. However the heating was on full...
  4. T

    BBC Music website offers dementia lifeline ' .... a new BBC website aims to help by connecting dementia patients with the songs they love. Eventually, it's hoped the site will build a database of music that's effective at triggering memories ...' ' ....... The example we often give is...