money matters

  1. Elle3

    Winter Fuel Payment

    Can anyone advise me if my dad is still entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment even though he is now living in a care home and I have just sold his house? I have just received a letter from The Pension Service advising that they have awarded him the payment. If this is wrong, then I will need to...
  2. C

    Bank accounts and conflicts over money

    My mother was recently diagnosed with mixed dementia, considered mild at present but currently causing a complete nightmare. My parents have always had a joint bank account. Dad’s pensions (State and occupational) get paid into that, as do Mum’s disability benefits. She is now fighting with...
  3. D

    Advice, please, on finances

    Hello everyone I'd like your views on a problem. I know that everyone on TP will give an honest opinion. I hold joint power of attorney with my siblings for my parent. Their view is that we rent parents house, and do deferred payment arrangement with the council to cover the substantial...