low mood and depression

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    Taken aback !

    Bit taken aback tonight after seeing manager of mums care home as she told me mum is very introverted and quiet and doesn't want to join in any activities and they are worried about her ! Mum has always been a quiet person and would have been horrified at care home activities. Surely it's ok if...
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    New member here grateful for your thoughts

    Hi My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and vascular dementia just over a year ago. She used to be very sociable and enjoyed going to church and various local clubs. Since her diagnosis she has become more and more isolated as she has stopped going out to these places. She says she...
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    Needing advice

    Happy new year to everyone at talking point,it not been a very good start to the new year for me ,for a couple of weeks before Christmas my OH as been really unsettled ,he can't keep still , doesn't eat very much ,wanting to go out all the time which we go out every morning,he won't leave me...