living alone

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    Will he change his mind?

    My father has been living alone with Alzheimer's for a couple of years, continuing to drive and look after himself with increasing use of lists and other memory aids. In the last few months I've seen a deterioration in his ability to get to appointments and an increase in the frequency of...
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    How did you introduce home-based assistance?

    My mum who lives in her house on her own is on the point of needing some home-based assistance (which she denies needing). Things like meals, cleaning, gardening etc - I do some but can't manage more. Anyone got any tips for how to start off this process (practical and emotional) for someone who...
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    What happens if I walk away

    So we've got to the stage whereby we are struggling. Every visit there's a new problem to solve.... and then insecurity hit. Mum has lived on her own since dad died 8yrs ago. She's had twice daily carers for a year now. She's ditzy, forgetful and so repetative. Recently, she went a...