1. A

    Seeing people who are not there

    Hi, does anybody know if seeing people who are not there is another symptom of dementia? My OH constantly wakes up after a nap asking where so and so has gone or stares ahead talking to someone thinking they are there. Also what does 12 errors on the MMSE mean? Our GP says it was enough to...
  2. J

    Best way to deal with hallucinations of other people.

    My father in law has vascular dementia, and for at least 6 months now has been talking about the other people in his house (he lives alone). There are several children who hide and move things, and mess with his hose in the garden, and a man who he thinks is the boss of the house - who moves...
  3. Alex54

    When hallucinations start

    My wife has started having really bad hallucinations. She seems to be talking to (or arguing with) two or three people who are not in the room. This may be caused by an UTI but if instead it is the progress of the dementia illness how long has she got before going into a nursing home?
  4. V

    Last stage and hallucinations

    Hey all, My 1st post so bare with me, my nan has had dementia for 10 years (that we have known) my grandad has done an amazing job caring for her at home by himself, they asked for help but at the time she was able to give any and all answers so she wasn’t entitled to help. They we’re not...