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grief and loss

  1. maryjoan

    Is this common for carers - emotional knife edge?

    Since OH was diagnosed, and I am 24/7 carer, our income has plummeted - but we manage - we are ever so slightly over thresholds for benefits, but do get AA. I keep my chin up most of the time, but experience most of what I read on here. My much loved younger son, lives over 400 miles away...
  2. B72

    Disappearing before my eyes

    Not in the position of many of you, I know. It’s early days for me and my OH. But the man I know is disappearing and I feel so sad and bereaved. We had a blip in the summer, and I thought we were getting back to a previous pattern, but perhaps I just got used to it. Now, I...
  3. J

    When will it stop hurting so much?

    i know most of you are still struggling with the difficulties of caring for your OH at home and it wasn’t so long ago (6 weeks ago) when I was on my knees trying to do the same and not coping at all. But now my lovely husband is in a very good care home and I know he is being looked after far...
  4. Tinybuddha

    Anticipatory grief

    Hi everyone, I'm reaching out because I feel what I'm currently experiencing is anticipatory grief about my mum. I'm short, my mum suffers with frontal lobe dementia. She was officially diagnosed last August, but my brothers and I feel it's been going on for much much longer. After a long...