equipment and technology

  1. Lynmax

    Call blocking - update

    Having read all your previous helpful,suggestions to prevent spam phones calls getting through to Mum, I might finally have a solution that works for us - mum has three corded phones around the house but no broadband which limits choices. The best call blocking box suggested can cause extension...
  2. P

    How can we manage mum’s usage of her mobile

    Thank you for adding me. My mum has a recent, but rapid, diagnosis of mixed dementia and is now in a care home. She has capacity according to the legislation in her country of residence, Republic of Ireland. Her mobile is her security and has it with her at all times in her care home. She has...
  3. P


    Hello everyone. I finally signed up! My husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimers last December but we both knew before then that something was wrong. He is now unable to operate anything technological which is sadly very ironic considering his life long occupation. We have...
  4. Jorbin

    Computer - ipad

    i find the iPad screen too small can anyone recommend a dementia friendly computer?