changes in behaviour

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    Has anyone heard of people with Dementia getting more aggitated as the afternoon turns to evenings? My dad really gets aggitated as the light fades. All day he is calm and relaxed but come 3pm he turns into a very cross man his carers in the home are so patient even when he swears at the and...
  2. T

    spooking me out

    my oh keeps following me about and then just stares at me for ages with a very strange expression it is very unnerving he's only done this in the last few days he has very little dialogue but tries to say he's looking for mummy this new behaviour is making me on edge
  3. R

    Do I inform about aggressive behavior

    My partner has become a little more aggressive and on Sunday he became very frustrated ,he insisted on painting the hall and wanted me to advise him I couldn’t so when I turned from the sink in my kitchen he had both hands on my neck .i was extremely shocked and can’t seem to get over the fact I...
  4. L

    The beginnings of inappropriate behaviour?

    A number of things have happened recently that have worried me. Dad has mixed dementia and lives in a care home. Two months ago he started taking 5g mamentine per day and to me he seems to have declined quite significantly since he started the medication. His scant speech has almost...