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    Is this part of Dementia?

    My dad has vascular dementia, he has no short term memory and is repeats himself constantly. Lacks empathy and can be quite nasty - he is on meds which does manage it to a degree. But he does still have lots of capacity. My mum isn't in good health and is finding it difficult to keep on top...
  2. J

    No light at the end of a dark tunnel

    My husband finally got his diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia in April of this year after two years of going and froing with medical appointments . His deterioration has been rapid and there have been many tough times over the last three years . At present his mood is very low and today after...
  3. T

    What to do about increasing apathy

    Hi, My OH has a pretty busy schedule currently. We have a consistent arrangement with carers so that he is supported to do things he enjoys whilst I am out at work. This has included a range of activities over the past year including table tennis sessions, volunteering at a cycle workshop...