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    Fund raiser

    My mum has been recently diagnosed with dimentia and I want to do something for the Alzheimer's society because I feel pretty useless. Has anyone got any ideas? Was thinking of doing some kind of bike ride perhaps?

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    Hi Philip and welcome to TP.

    I wondered if this link would be of any interest to you -
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    Thanks izzy

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    Memory walk 2017

    Hi all, I have registered for the Liverpool, Croxteth Park memory walk for the Alzheimer's Society, in September and was wondering if anyone else done this one in previous years and do you know how far the walk is and what the organisation etc is on the day. First charity walk I've done and really looking forward to it
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    I do the walk every year, infact 4 generations of our family do the walk.

    I assume they are all very similar and they are fun to do. We have entertainment and even the dogs have AS neckerchiefs on. They are very well organised. It is always covered by the local radio station and the press.

    There is a shorter walk of about 2 miles and the longer one that is about 5. Everyone goes over the start line and just ambles on at their own pace, chatting laughing, it is far from a race. As long as you cross the finishing line you get a medal. Most people wear the AS tee shirt.

    It is amazing and very humbling to see so many people walking to raise awareness and money for dementia. AS supply a card on which you can write the name of the person you are walking for. I had a tear in my eye when walking behind a couple holding hands. She had written on her card ' walking for my husband with Alzheimer's' and there was an arrow pointing to the man holding her hand. The writing on his card said ' My Wife, my Carer and an arrow pointing to the lady holding his hand.

    Our walk is over beautiful open heath land and through woods, a wonderful day.

    The carers from my husband's nursing home do the walk too.

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