one day just before the memory cafe, I suddenly found myself walking towards Babbacombe Downs. Now when I say “Suddenly” I mean exactly that! I stood rooted to the spot, looking all around me in a kind of amazement, if that’s even the right word for it. Thing is, I had no memory of how I got there!

The last thing I could remember was being sat at the breakfast table with my Angel” Elaine eating my grapefruit. Elaine took my hand gently and pulled me to one side, she had noticed by the look in my eyes there was something wrong and kindly guided me to a seat. We sat there in silence just for a minute while I tried to get my bearings and slowly but surely it all came back. Elaine is not only my “Angel” but also my “Rock” She sat holding me and chatting to me, telling me what we had done that morning and how we had laughed at something on the telly. I couldn’t remember a lot of it but I was comforted by knowing we had laughed, but worse was yet to come!
The afternoon went really well as you know by how I wrote about it, and as the evening blended into night, sleep was very welcomed, but today just for a second my whole world came crashing down.

I am not only ashamed to say this, but also very frightened but I feel it’s something I have to share with you all. I sat there at the breakfast table this morning; I looked up and there was someone I didn’t recognise!! Is this my carer came the question racing across my brain? Then it was GONE! As quick as it came, and there stood in front on me my “Angel” Elaine. As Elaine and I always do, we talked about this and Elaine as always, told me how well I am doing and how well I will continue to do with her by my side. She reassured me of how she will always be there no matter what and try not to worry.

I am at this moment “NUMB” with such a thing happening and the thought of me forgetting Elaine, my family or any of my friends absolutely devastates me, but one thing I am sure of, is with the love of such a wonderful family and support from the best friends in the world, both Real and Virtual, we will get through this, DEAR GOD I HOPE A CURE COMES SOON

(Reposted from July 2011)