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    my mom has just been diagnosed with VD

    Hi all, This is the only chat forum I can find about VD ,my mom has just been diagnosed about a week ago. I noticed some signs about 6 month ago with her not feeling well and just a little off. Now that we know what it is she can't even stay by herself anymore she is way to confused and shaky on her feet, I have a hard time calming her down as she wants to go home!I also think she is very depressed has anyone had these same issues? And maybe getting treated for depression could help calm her down? Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated thank you. Susan

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    Hi Susan and welcome to Talking Point .

    You say that your mum is asking to go home. Is your mum still in her own home? My dad wanted to go home despite being in the home he had lived in for 40 years.

    Dementia and depression are often linked - this factsheet has some useful information. Is your mum under the care of a Memory Clinic? This is usually the best place to ask questions about treating depression for someone with dementia.

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    For a PWD (person with dementia) 'home' can be a concept not a location.

    It is a desire to go back to the comfort of their childhood.

    Old memories can be clearer than recent ones

    Have a look at

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    Hi Susan
    My Mother in law was diagnosed with VD 18 months ago although we knew 3 years ago that things were not right at all. It has been a rapid steady decline. I remember reading that life expectancy from diagnosis of VD was about 4 years. You need to prepare yourself for some difficult times ahead and make sure you get all the support you can from Dr, SS etc. Use the forum, ask questions, keep informed to help you through.
    Thinking of you.


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