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    Was just diagnosed at age 59 with chronic microvascular ischemia (EOD) with more on left frontal than right. Thought there was a problem a year ago. Assume I'm in early stages. Waiting to see a neurologist but will take months to get an apt. Started a low inflamatory diet for now. I have no chronic illnesses, don't smoke or drink, have great blood and urine test. Do have a family history of dementia but not young onset. I have questions about how I will support myself and what to do about health insurance as I can no longer hold down a job. Also, have others complained about insomnia and headaches at an early stage? I don't know where to go to find out about planning for my future health care needs.

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    It sounds like you may be in the us. If so, I strongly recommend i you sign up for insurance via the aca before jan31st. I understand that health insurance is iin flux, but you have a much better chance of retaing çoverage if you signup now.

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    hello Bryanintc
    a warm welcome to TP - I'm glad you've found us here as though it's a UK site there are many members from the US (I'm guessing from the title), such as jenniferpa, who have information specific to the States and will be able to share with
    (maybe add a state or just USA to your profile as a signal to other members, as the location will show on each of your posts)
    at the moment you must be reeling from the diagnosis, no wonder you have questions - we also have members living with dementia or living with those with early onset, so I'm sure some will respond when they notice your thread
    have you found the main Alzheimer Society site, (see button almost top right of this screen marled AS Resources) as there's lots of info there, eg factsheets
    now you've found us, settle in, mooch around and post anything that's on your mind
    best wishes
    And all shall be well and
    All manner of thing shall be well
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