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    No support whatsoever from Local Authority, how can this be?

    The person i care for has FTD, she has been dismissed from her daycare centre because they say they cannot provide for her needs as she is too young and active. No other provision of care such as a personal assistant or a personal budget has been put in place for the last 18 months since she was dismissed despite numerous requests. I have had to leave work to care for her at home on a total income of £63 per week carers allowance. How can this be right given that the local authority has a statutory duty of care to provide for her assessed care needs?

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    It doesn't sound right at all. My husband also has FTD and I worry about care, when he is at the stage he needs it, as likewise he is younger than the average dementia person needing care. Physically he is fine.

    The only thing I can suggest is explaining to the LA that they have a duty of care and that you can no longer continue to provide this care. They do have a duty of care, but if a relative is providing her care they will accept it as given and the status quo will continue.

    You have to take care of yourself too and carer breakdown helps no one.

    H xx

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    The lack of support , especially for young, physically fit and active people with dementia is dreadful .

    All I can suggest is you keep letting social services know how much you are struggling.

    If you just get on with it and accept help is unavailable, you will be thought of as managing. We all know how hard pressed the services are and you just need to keep reminding them, not in an aggressive way but more in an assertive way , how much help you both need.

    I'm not saying it will guarantee help but at least it will keep you and your husband on the radar.


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